Monday, 26 September 2011

4tress Services Ltd SCAM BEWARE

4tress Services Ltd is an elaborate scam. BEWARE anybody willing to do business with them. They are not even SIA approved yet they claim to be. 4tress Services Ltd is apparently a quality security guard team. Fully license bound and insured private company that specializes in Security Guards AND Cleaning? what type of business model is this. Notice how they pick two business areas that they can be left alone with your stuff? They are thieves. Looking for any way possible to SCAM unsuspecting members of the general public.

4tress Services Ltd SCAM BEWARE

4tress Services Ltd. What a joke if i must say so myself. I could not believe the audacity of Mr Eben Kofi the director of 4tress Services Ltd. Beware doing business with 4tress Services Ltd.

4tress Services Ltd DO NOT GO NEAR THEM

Choose a Security Guard Company that is not 4tress Services Ltd and save yourself the wasted time, money and whole lot of stressful situations that would surely ensue after a business deal with 4tress Services Ltd